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Mission and Vision

Gifted Learners Today,
​Global Leaders Tomorrow

Burbank Boulevard Elementary and Gifted Global Learning Magnet is dedicated to providing gifted and high ability students with unique educational opportunities geared toward fostering global awareness while exemplifying the highest level of academic standards.  Our mission is to create a culturally diverse community of college and career ready students who will benefit from a well-rounded education including a comprehensive understanding of the world. 

Burbank Boulevard Elementary and Gifted Global Learning Magnet is paving a solid foundation for lifelong learners to productively engage in a changing global society that is increasingly multicultural and diverse in politics, economics, science, and real life issues.  Through differentiated methods of instruction, including inquiry- and project-based learning, the focus has been on students understanding their role in government, environment, and culture as an avenue toward global competency.  

The curricular goal for Burbank Boulevard Elementary Gifted Global Learning Magnet is to achieve academic excellence through departmentalization, global themes, LAUSD required texts, as well as numerous supplemental outside sources that further enhance the global pathways.  The global theme-based pathways that influence the curriculum are Communication, Citizenship, Career, Culture awareness, and Community. These pathways align with the California Common Core State Standards to meet expectations of gifted and high ability students as they experience real-world applications and become college-prepared and career ready students. 


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